Power to the People



Hello Primitive Clan!

First of all, we want to thank you for supporting our new album and crowdfunding project on PPL!

As promised, we have a bunch of goodies in store for all of you who believe in the band and invested in advance to help make this the best album possible, TOGETHER!

For starters, we are sending you High Quality 320kb MP3s of 2 advance tracks: the new single, 'Seeds Among The Rain', and the unreleased B-side, 'Won't Come Up Clean', are only being made available exclusively and in advance to those who invested in this crowdfunding campaign! 


Remember, these are EXCLUSIVE downloads which we are only making available to YOU, so we trust that these songs will not end up in 'file-sharing'. After all, WE are all investing in this TOGETHER and only YOU deserve to have access to all the exclusives we'll be making available!

Should you play these songs for your friends? Hell yeah, let them know what they're missing out on! The songs will be available in streaming, on our Soundcloud account, so if they want to listen, they can, but only YOU own them and have the right to take them and play them anywhere you want! These are exciting times for us and our fans, and this is just the beginning, as we are joining forces with all those who believe in this band to help build a solid Primitive Reason Community!

The use of crowdfunding to fund independent artists' works is already well established internationally, but here in Portugal it's a fairly new concept. Thus, we would like to ask you for further help, not financially, but in promoting the project. Using the true potential of the Internet and "viral" promotion, we aim to test the ability of an artist and their fans to launch a viral campaign, where every fan who supports the project is involved, not only with their direct support, but also in attracting new fans.

If we each get 3 more supporters, and if these three people, in the spirit of viral Crowdfunding and support for Power to the People, in turn attract three more supporters, we are certain that the challenge will be well met!

So, with all our appreciation, we're counting on you to help make this project a true success... TOGETHER!


The mission: Raising funds and Building a Community that is directly involved in bringing about the success of this new album.


Spread the word and Power to the People!


Primitive Reason