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The only boundary for the kind of projects that can be crowdfunded is the owner's imagination. And the success of the campaign is highly subjected to the effort and enthusiasm of the promotion made by the team. Some of the categories of projects that can be crowdfunded include, but are not limited to: tourism, small businesses, book/album publishing, exhibitions and events, technological projects. In Portugal, crowdfunding is still a very novel concept which first appeared during Summer 2011. Nevertheless, PPL gathered some success stories that we would like to mention and invite you to check, to see some of the success factors: appealing and positive videos, effective promotion to several social circles, simples and attractive rewards and, above all, strong dedication and passion about the idea. We look forward to increase this list of successful projects. Will yours be one of them?

Por Ela - O filme

Por Ela is a movie authored by a popular humorist, Nuno Markl, with famous casting such as Ana Bacalhau (singer of Deolinda), César Mourão (television presenter and humorist) and Tónan Quito (theater actor).

It was the most ambicious PPL campaign to date but did not raised the 100.000 euros target. The more than 40.000 euros raised did set a new crowdfunding record in Portugal.

It was the first PPL campaign that integrated with value-added calls as a complementary payment channel. It set new volume, traffic and backers (almost 2000) records. Even though the campaign did not reach the initial target, the buzz raised more contacts that ultimately allowed the production to go through and the movie is scheduled for 2015.

It the words of Nuno Markl, it was "the most successful failure ever".

3D Antártida

3D Antártida holds the record for the largest funded campaign, with more than 20.000 euros raised from 300 backers.

Polar Group from Universidade de Lisboa raised the necessary funds to purchase a drone for topographic monitoring for its scientific research.

Besides the high media coverage, the project managed to get institutional backing from public agencies and the Lisbon University.

E que tal sermos donos disto tudo?

Montis is a recently formed environmental association with the objective of nature and biodiversity preservation.

One of the first important steps is the purchase of the land: 5,5 ha of oaks in the Caramulo, with the value of 10.000€.

Thanks to the contribution of 255 backers, the association raised 17.750€ and more than 300 partners. The official writing took place January 20th and the members are now closing the land management plans.

As aventuras de Dog Mendonça e Pizzaboy vol. 3

"The Adventures of Dog Mendonça and Pizzaboy" is a trilogy of comic books written by Filipe Melo and illustrated by Argentinian artists Juan Cavia and Santiago Villa. The third and last book achieved a major feat, by breaking the PPL record for the most backers in November 2013: more than two hundred.

Besides the high quality book and project owner's network, the success can also be traced back to the great presentation video. In fact, the team made a second viral video with the giant spiders in Lisbon, thanks to the extra funds raised in the crowdfunding campaign.

Livros de Ontem

Livros de Ontem is a young book publisher that created crowd-publishing, a new way of publishing in Portugal: young, entrepreneurial and transparent.

Its channel in PPL favors limited, numbered and signed editions, to make each book unique and special. Many include an ebook and audiobook versions. To help bootstrapping, the editor co-funds with 10% of the initial investment. So far, five books were already published.

Vem aí a Troika!

Vem aí a Troika! (There comes the Troika) happens in a fictional country named Portugalândia, where you may find corrupt and incompetent leaders, shady financials, and interest groups that don't care about the country, causing bankruptcy and the coming of Troika. The game is a satire to the dynamics of power, influence and pressure, which dominate the life of a democratic society.

The young producer, Tabletip Games, successfully made it's market test and secured funds for the first edition. The game is now on sale in tradicional channels.

More than funding, Tabletip Games example is great because it shows how to leverage media buzz around a grim subject such as the country's bailout to launch its crowdfunding campaign. The various news in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece spawned partnership requests from foreign companies. The Spanish edition was available in Christmas 2013 and the Greek one is being prepared.

Música: Blasted Mechanism, Frankie Chavez, Primitive Reason, Nobody's Bizness

Primitive Reason, Blasted Mechanism, Frankie Chavez, Nobody's Bizness, Kandia, Mazgani, Dazkarieh are just a few bands and artists that funded their albums in PPL.

Besides securing funding with virtually no risk -- since the fans jump in with a pre-order -- they manage to work without the interference of a label. And they now know the emails of their fans, which can use for future initiatives, instead of jut shouting in the social networks.
The fans can interact more closely with their favorite artists and get exclusive rewards and perks not available through mainstream channels, such as get togethers and private concerts.

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