Let's Bring SuperFM back to FM

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We want to resume Super's Broadcast to 104.8 FM. While we dwell in paperwork and accountability, we need to lease an Office Container and a new Broadcast System (Link, Amplifier, Processor and Transmitter).

Post Facebook SuperFM,  February 10th ...

"Those who live on the South Bank, realized that the weather this morning was violent, hail, heavy rain and, around 8:15 p.m. on Friday (February 10), in a single episode, a giant thunder that shook everything and everyone. The thunder did not (and I repeat NOT) hit the antenna, as you can analyze by the photos, but only the local power grid;

As a result, and given our facilities being closer to the impact site, it melted the cables of the External Electrical Grid, blew up the fuses inbox, blew the board, lamps, plugs, etc., melted the EDP differential, and Calcineted our Transmitter, driver, link, support mixing desk and other material responsible for broadcasting the 104.8, as well as all electrical cables of the building ...

So, you see, the gods were angry this morning.

I will not tell you about luck, destiny, coincidences, but the whole series of events of the last months, with this last one in mind, tend to be demoralizing. I know you will tell me that the fault is of the network (as is demonstrable), but in the end we never know how we will regain the condition we had; There were 50,000 euros of equipment destroyed, which, as is well known, we do not have now to acquire new ones, or repair the damage; These things take time, and time is something very precious in this company;

In order for them to know, and we have not said anything yet, because we are working very hard, a plan is already under way for the "rebirth" of the Super; Advertisers with fresh ideas, solid projects, related to national music, 2 FTMN collections (one of news and one of remembrance), that would be launched at a party, which we want to keep, on March 4th at the RCA Club, No One, but 2 Radio Directors prepared to, with new ideas, make Super breathe healthier, the first festival of national tribute bands and the first SuperFM Rock Fest ... All through June, we can have conditions, will, Health and maybe a little, who knows, luck to do so ... "

Campaign Summary:

On February 10, a Lightning destroyed the electricity grid in Vale Figueira, where the Radio Station SuperFM is located. The excessive electrical voltage has destroyed completely the entire electrical structure in our facilities, as well as the Transmitter, Driver, Link, Amplifier and other devices responsible for FM transmission. As long as we do not resolve, with whom, rightly, we need to acquire a container and rent a new Transmitter Group, so that we can resume the Broadcast of the 104.8. We count on you to help us.

About the author

SuperFM Radio, Greater Lisbon Rock Station; It broadcasts in the 104.8 FM of Alcochete for the whole Greater Lisbon; Responsible for the promotion of Rock Culture since 2009, and a huge supporter of National Music, thanks to the launch of more than 100 bands and artists, which without Super would never have space for dissemination, hence our motto is to give "Total Strength to National Music "Because we must defend what is ours.

We are and want to be different, not to align in the norm, to be able to give to the diffusion of a style and a differentiating way to be in life and to the same. That's why we say, if you got caught listening to Super, you'll probably never stop loving it.

And the listeners know, that until the end, we will be, "Always United by This Reason" ...

Rui Santos, General Director of Radio SuperFM.   rui.santos@superfm.com or www.superfm.com

Budget and due dates

6000€, divided into the following:

Verification and Electrical Technical Inspection (Bug Report - 500€

Acquisition Container Module - 2500€

Rental for 4 Months Emission System (Link, Transmitter, Driver and Processor)

Shipping and Budgeting of Damages of the current equipment - 500€