Saving only 12 days a year - mini-book!

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A mini-book that answers the questions "Why", "When", "How much" and "How to save", presented some methods and techniques that can easily be used and applied daily.

Two years ago I created the Agora Somos 7 blog, a family blog with the purpose of sharing what I was learning in these years, some experiences and events.

In a succession of ideas and interactions with readers I researched simple methods and techniques that anyone could use to have a stable financial health.

With an adjusted family budget, I prepare this campaign counting on known and unknown people, with 10 million Portuguese interested in supporting not only me and my family but also to support all the people and families that for an accessible value will have available a guide financial.

The money raised above the goal will be used 40% to support the non-profit institution - Centro Social de Esgueira, where my children are received every day with the greatest love possible, and the rest to finance trips and workshops to schools interested in present this theme to young people of the 12th grade.

About the author

Marisa Cruz, a native of Aveiro, 33 years old, married and with two children, 5 and 2 years old.

Graduated in Management and Planning in Tourism at the University of Aveiro since 2006 and with Training of Trainers course since 2010.

Author of the blog Agora Somos 7 since 2016 of which she shares saving tips, a theme for which she has always had an interest and a pleasure in researching and knowing more.

She has developed workshops within the same theme and now this mini-book.

With the dream / project of giving workshops to the youngsters of the secondary, ending with the financial illiteracy.

Budget and due dates

Printing of 250 copies, format A5, 32 pages - 450 €

Cover and back cover illustration - 75 €

IGAC book registration - 60 €

Other expenses (sending CTT books, promotion on facebook, rent space for Workshop) - 100 €

PPL Commissions - 65 €