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Vegan burgers on Comunity needs you!

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Vegan Burgers getway from home and rent a store in Carcavelos. We apply for all to give 1€ to put the space beautiful to receive clientes and other small producers.

Finally, the Vegan Burgers found an opportunity to develop their project in a cafe in Carcavelos! The idea is to form partnerships around healthy and sustainable food, to be an environmentally responsible  cafe, a place where you can eat, socialize, think and go get your vegan burgers and other local project products from our community.

What do we lack? We need to raise money to make the space more beautiful and functional, that is, some remodeling is necessary, as well as various kitchen equipment, inherent to the business, as well as furniture and decoration of the store.

We need financial support to publicize the project locally and regionally and expand this small family business by creating jobs and diversifying the offerings of healthy products.

We would like to propose a donation of 1 euro for each person who likes our page, so that this project does not weigh in your wallet, but together, we can contribute to a great dream!

We intend to open the doors to the public in February 2017, initially serve take-away lunches and in the spring have a room with 20 seats for everyone to taste the menu of Vegan Burgers in Community.

About the author

We are partners in business and life. Initially, a project created two-handed and now has four creative hands to develop it full time and is currently marketed in 10 catering areas in the Lisbon and Setúbal area and we sell directly to people at their homes.

Filipa Fialho - Creator and producer of the recipes of the 7 varieties of Vegan Burgers that we commercialize.

She graduated in Education in 2005 and worked in several educational projects until 2016. After some cooking training and an experience in a vegetarian restaurant in Cascais, he decided from home to create vegan meals, with nutritionally rich burgers and associating vegetables, cereals and spices.

João Vieira Fernandes -  Burgers helper producer and responsible for deliveries at home and in catering areas.

He graduated in Social Work and with experience in the social area of more than 15 years, in projects of community intervention and support to children and youth. Since 2011 it intends to develop a family business that began to be realized with the production and distribution of the Burgers at 2013.

Budget and due dates

Advertising and dissemination of Space-300 €;

Kitchen equipment 1200 €;

Furniture and decoration- 500 €.