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  • Hámburgueres Vegetarianos
    Vegan Burgers getway from home and rent a store in Carcavelos. We apply for all to give 1€ to put the space beautiful to receive clientes and other small producers.
    26 %
    2 000 €
  • Joana L. Oliveira Unipessoal Lda
    We intend to build a gluten-free cuisine in order to reach more people with the delights of Doces Dos Miaus.
    1 %
    6 000 €
  • Funded
    Daniel Cardoso
    Who does not know the LeMoustache Eat Like a Sir , join friends at the table ? Well the time has come we are always open and for all , we will continue with our private service ...
    109 %
    5 000 €
  • Funded
    Cláudia Sampaio
    A cafe that is at the same time a bookstore and a flowerhouse. Here you can find the latest news in Portuguese and International Poetry and discover the less known publishers.
    106 %
    2 200 €
  • Funded
    Pedro Elvas
    The Taroço is a brand of food products, recently created by the founders and leaders of this project, which currently includes the lupine pate. Lupine has several advantages whi...
    111 %
    1 500 €
  • Funded
    Cerveja FANFE
    "Com Fafe ninguém Fanfe." This is the slogan from our city. FANFE® is the first craft beer born in this place.
    143 %
    1 300 €
  • Funded
    Rui Bento
    The "Amnesia Brewery" is a new Portuguese Craft Beer project , based on the quality of its raw materials, creating products of excellence and guaranteed quality.
    102 %
    3 500 €
  • Funded
    5 e meio
    “5 e meio” is a brand of beer, not yet on the market, founded by 4 friends with a common interest in brewing using only natural ingredients (without preservatives or colouring).
    103 %
    2 500 €

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