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This crowdfunding campaign is set to fund the production and recording Fantasy Opus' next album.

This crowdfunding campaign is set to fund the production and recording Fantasy Opus' next album, a Portuguese Metal band.

Fantasy Opus is a Progressive Power Metal band that develops a musical style not only influenced by bands of the same genre like Gamma Ray, Angra, Rhpasody, Symphony X, Yngwie Malmsteen and Dream Theater, but also classical composers like Antonio Vivaldi and Niccolò Paganini, as well as OST from Hollywood movies such as "The Gladiator", "Braveheart" and "Lord of the Rings", amongst others.

Fantasy Opus' work, which background is carefully set in a Heavy metal base both regarding sound as well as lyrical content, turns over as a fusion of several styles that surround the listener in Epic and melodic atmospheres where emotion and fantasy unite.

This will will have its central theme in the Oceans, as scenic background, analogies and metaphors for themes like Death, Lust, Love, Conquest, Vengeance, Liberty, Sacrifice, and the Power of One.

Enjoy the teaser of the album!!

For this Opus to be recorded and Produced as imagined and composed, the target of this campaign is 4000 Euros. 

If you want more infos, band history, new and past videos, latest news, or simply to connect with some or all of the band members, please check out Fantasy Opus' Facebook Page or the Bands official Youtube Channel.


About the author

Fantasy Opus started out as Black Thunder by 2 friends, Marcos Carvalho and Paulo Santos... in late summer of 1999.

After a long period of rehearsals and writing, as well as struggles regarding getting competent band members, in 2001, a demo was recorded in Ricardo Fernandes' (Marvel, Timeless) home studio. 

At the same time, Black Thunder changed the name to Fantasy Opus, to reflect the neoclassical aproach to the sound of the band. 

The demo was recorded by Marcos Carvalho (Gtrs), Paulo Santos (Drums), Luis Guerreiro (Vocals), and Fernando Augusto (Bass), and had overall good reviews in the underground scene and specialized webzines, fanzines and magazines of it's genre.

After the demo, some convulsions within the band dictated another lineup change. These made way to new bandmembers; Nilson Santagueda on Bass, and Iuri Conceição on Keys.

The band continued rehearsing and producing more material without a singer.

In th spring of 2004, the dream of recording an album comes to fruition; Fantasy Opus decide to start recording  “Beyond Eternity” in Luis Barros' (Tarantula) Rec N Roll Studio.

All the instrumental is recorded and the search of a competent singer begins.

In late 2007 the band connects with Pedro Arroja, and after a few months of work, the vocals are recorded and the album is mixed and ready.

During these 3 years the band lost Iuri Conceição (Keys) and gained Claudio Santos (Gtrs), and a more guitars-to-wall aproach to the live shows was taken. 

Pedro Arroja, Marcos Carvalho, Claudio Santos, Nilson Santagueda and Paulo Santos took Portugal by storm, having great reviews and playing in some of the most notorious metal venues in Portugal.

The album, had great reviews worldwide, and although most copies were sold in Portugal, hundreds of copies were also sold in countries such as Greece,  Brazil, Spain, Japan, Germany, amongst others. “Mystic Messenger” Played in Radios in Portugal, USA, Spain, amongst others.

All of this was acomplished without any label support.

As a new cycle of writing begun, Pedro Arroja and Paulo Santos left the band, followed soon after by Claudio Santos. The heart and soul of Fantasy Opus, Marcos Carvalho and Nilson Santagueda were once again alone.

Against all odds, the tracks started to take shape with the help of a new drummer, Ricardo Alonso, and after almost 2 years, most of the tracks were composed and ready to rock.

As this cycle reached completion, more line up changes; Ricardo Alonso left, and Leonel Silva (Vocals-Mindfeeder), Ruben Reis (Guitars), Adam Nox(Keys) got on board.

The album theme, lyrics, vocals and other arrangements were polished further and the band partnered with freelance Pro Drummer João Colaço.

The album is not conceptual but is set over the common theme of the Seas, as a metaphor and as a scenic environment to the struggles of life such as Love, Hate, Vengeance, Death, Lust, Conquest, and the power of one to make a diference.

This album will be a part of a series, in which following albums will be themed in other elements, such as Fire and Earth.

At December 2013, the band decided to launch this crowdfunding campaign to finance the production of the album, to give meaning to these struggles, and produce by far their best record so far. 





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