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  • Danniel Boone
    OWAN (Out With A New) is a musical project created and led by Danniel Boone (Author, composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist). OWAN came together as the result of an invitati...
    20 %
    4 900 €
  • Tuna Académica de Biomédicas
    The TUNA ACADÉMICA DE BIOMÉDICAS is going to release its 2nd album - "Um Porto Para o Mundo". With a unique 1st edition in cork, the album aims to show the world what's done bes...
    40 %
    2 500 €
  • New
    Panic Resort
    Hi, we are the Panic Resort, a hard rock band from Oporto - Portugal, we need your help to release our first album titled "The Cherry on Top of the Cake".
    12 %
    1 800 €
  • André Fausto
    BE ALL YOU is a multidisciplinary and multicultural artistic work inspired by traditional portuguese music and in the poetry of Fernando Pessoa, Maria Almira Medina and Zeca Afo...
    13 %
    4 517 €
  • Teresa Pereira
    Our goal is to surprise people with live piano performances in the streets or through social networks, with beautiful landscapes behind. The Concerthall will get you!
    5 %
    2 000 €
  • Bruna Peixoto
    We're a group of young people who intend to create a space that will give voice to the national artists of different areas, especially those in the beginning of their career.
    0 %
    2 500 €
  • Funded
    Artur Gadelho
    Eight years after the recording of our last CD, it is time to show the work developed, in the recent years, by this Philharmonic and leave a record for the posterity of the musi...
    120 %
    4 000 €
  • Funded
    Blasted Mechanism
    Blasted Mechanism is activating a crowdfunding campaign, with the ultimate goal of producing the eigth generation of the band, new album, new costumes, new show.
    102 %
    8 000 €
  • Funded
    Over these 40 years the Victor Jara Brigade edited ten discographic work that will now be gathered and a special commemorative edition.
    315 %
    7 500 €
  • Funded
    Paulo Brissos
    Brissos e os Conselheiros de Estrada are launching this crowdfunding campaign with the aim of supporting the release of their debut album "After the end of the world". A project...
    141 %
    2 950 €
  • Funded
    And suddenly fifteen years passed in Dazkarieh’s life! Fifteen years where we worked hard to bring our music to all of you. Therefore, in a celebration mood, we decided to produ...
    122 %
    6 500 €
  • Funded
    Hills Have Eyes
    "Antebellum" is the third Hills Have Eyes record. On the year of their 10th anniversary, the band decided to record a new album that started to be prepared last year.
    117 %
    4 000 €

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