Vem aí a Troika!

Lisboa, Portugal

Vem aí a Troika! (in portuguese) happens in a fictional country named Portugalândia, where you may find corrupt and incompetent leaders, shady financials, and interest groups that don't care about the country, causing bankruptcy and the coming of Troika. Any resemblance to actual facts, entities or persons is purely coincidental.

The game is a satire to the dynamics of power, influence and pressure, which dominate the life of a democratic society.

Each player represents an interest group that attempts to gain power, money and votes through political, social and economical manipulation.

The winner will be the player who gets the most points by using his web of influence, by creating political consensus, by winning elections, and by getting money and certificates of deposit in tax havens (offshores).

Game components:

42 Interest Group cards
8 Leader cards
16 Event cards
24 Money cards
12 Deposit Certificate cards
1 rule book
4 quick guides

So far, we have finished the game development, design and illustrations. The mock-up was already accepted by the game manufacturer.

The crowdfunding will be used to support the production of the game.

If everything go as planned, supporters will receive their copies before Christmas.

Authors / Game Design: Carlos Mesquita and Pedro A. Santos
Development: Carlos Mesquita, André Pereira, Pedro A. Santos, Marco Vala
Graphical Design: Filipe Preto
Illustrations: Vasco Gargalo, Nuno Saraiva and Filipe Preto

About the author

Tabletip Games is a portuguese tabletop games publisher founded in 2012.

For us, games are not only a fun and intelligent way of socializing. We believe in games that make us reflect about what is happening around us, games that address contemporary issues and promote some reflection.

Vem aí a Troika! is our first game and we are confident it will be a success, paving the way for other ideas that we want to accomplish in the future.

Our medium-term objective is to support game designers and illustrators in the development of original games. We want to promote tabletop games in Portugal, but we also target worldwide markets.



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