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  • Ronda da Madrugada
    Ronda da Madrugada, Folk / Rock / Traditional band from the Island of Santa Maria in the Azores, will celebrate this year, 20 years of career.
    29 %
    2 886 €
  • Ensemble ESMAE
    We are a group of Bachelor and Master’s students from ESMAE and ESE, from IPPorto, and we address to you in order to petition for your collaboration with our presentation projec...
    65 %
    750 €
  • moncaobrass
    We are ready to move forward with our crowdfunding campaign! In the coming days we will explain how they can contribute to the campaign and thus help in the realization of our ...
    2 %
    3 000 €
  • Daniel Canas
    "COLUMBUS TRIP" is an idea that comes from a long time ago and that now needs all the possible help to become a reality. The purpose will be to record a CD with some guests fro...
    3 %
    2 500 €
  • New
    Isabel Mendes
    The Children's Choir of Setúbal intends to raise funds for their trip to Brussels, where they will perform with a Belgian choir and for the Portuguese community. The trip takes ...
    0 %
    1 500 €
  • Funded
    Blasted Mechanism
    Blasted Mechanism is activating a crowdfunding campaign, with the ultimate goal of producing the eigth generation of the band, new album, new costumes, new show.
    102 %
    8 000 €
  • Funded
    Over these 40 years the Victor Jara Brigade edited ten discographic work that will now be gathered and a special commemorative edition.
    315 %
    7 500 €
  • Funded
    Rui Marques Santos
    We want to resume Super's Broadcast to 104.8 FM. While we dwell in paperwork and accountability, we need to lease an Office Container and a new Broadcast System (Link, Amplifier...
    110 %
    6 000 €
  • Funded
    Paulo Brissos
    Brissos e os Conselheiros de Estrada are launching this crowdfunding campaign with the aim of supporting the release of their debut album "After the end of the world". A project...
    141 %
    2 950 €
  • Funded
    And suddenly fifteen years passed in Dazkarieh’s life! Fifteen years where we worked hard to bring our music to all of you. Therefore, in a celebration mood, we decided to produ...
    122 %
    6 500 €
  • Funded
    Hills Have Eyes
    "Antebellum" is the third Hills Have Eyes record. On the year of their 10th anniversary, the band decided to record a new album that started to be prepared last year.
    117 %
    4 000 €
  • Funded
    trio pessoa
    What is "pessoa" project? This project consists of recording a cd entirely dedicated to Portuguese music written for piano trio. The pessoa trio is the project’s promoter ...
    107 %
    5 325 €

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