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  • Óscar Gomes
    A new brand of Handcrafted Beer aspires to be born. It's called DIVA and need your support to make the dream come true.
    14 %
    3 100 €
  • Funded
    Daniel Cardoso
    Who does not know the LeMoustache Eat Like a Sir , join friends at the table ? Well the time has come we are always open and for all , we will continue with our private service ...
    109 %
    5 000 €
  • Funded
    Cláudia Sampaio
    A cafe that is at the same time a bookstore and a flowerhouse. Here you can find the latest news in Portuguese and International Poetry and discover the less known publishers.
    106 %
    2 200 €
  • Funded
    Pedro Elvas
    The Taroço is a brand of food products, recently created by the founders and leaders of this project, which currently includes the lupine pate. Lupine has several advantages whi...
    111 %
    1 500 €
  • Funded
    Cerveja FANFE
    "Com Fafe ninguém Fanfe." This is the slogan from our city. FANFE® is the first craft beer born in this place.
    143 %
    1 300 €
  • Funded
    Rui Bento
    The "Amnesia Brewery" is a new Portuguese Craft Beer project , based on the quality of its raw materials, creating products of excellence and guaranteed quality.
    102 %
    3 500 €
  • Funded
    5 e meio
    “5 e meio” is a brand of beer, not yet on the market, founded by 4 friends with a common interest in brewing using only natural ingredients (without preservatives or colouring).
    103 %
    2 500 €
  • Funded
    Petit Papão | Alimentação infantil saudável
    We are Petit Papão, a startup of organic infant food focused on developing complete and tasty meals that respect every stage of the baby’s development. We intend to raise € 5,00...
    111 %
    5 000 €
  • Funded
    Hámburgueres Vegetarianos
    Vegan Burgers getway from home and rent a store in Carcavelos. We apply for all to give 1€ to put the space beautiful to receive clientes and other small producers.
    110 %
    2 000 €
  • Funded
    Luisa Garcia Sousa
    Barca´s Bar was totally devastated by the waves. This is the campaign that will bring it back. With the help of all, everuone will be able to enjoy that space where everyone fe...
    104 %
    4 000 €

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