Timelapse - The Northern Lights

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Following earlier work in timelapse technique and have been widely awarded in national and international festivals specialty, I intend with this project, achieve some fund support to my photographic expedition (timelapse) to Norway to record the Aurora Borealis (The Northern Lights).

This project aims to gather some financing support to part of my photographic expedition, specifically the cost of travel and accommodation, in Tromso at Norway. There will be seven days of stay in that part of the world, in regions where weather conditions are extreme. Yet the light of the "Northern Lights" will certainly be a good reward so I can produce a timelapse that portrays the phenomenon and to present it to all Portuguese people.


Exemplos timelapse

Exemplos timelapse

About the author

Paulo Ferreira is a Portuguese "timelapser" that has in recent times to devote much of their free time to timelapse technique based on photography and want to take on this new challenge that will certainly be a very important milestone in your life. Professionally plays the designer functions Project Designer / CAD Manager and is responsible for the IT department of the engineering office where he works today. Organizes workshops dedicated to the timelapse theme and published with some regularity photos of natural spaces that stubbornly go on foot, whether accompanied by friends, whether chooses to walk alone. Recently published some work of some natural parks as well as the only National Park (Peneda-Geres) in Portugal. His work has been officially selected and awarded in several national and international festivals specialty (the latest is referred to "Picos de Europa"), including the International Film Festival Yperia Art & Tur in Greece, the International Film Festival Sesimbra, the Timelapse Showfest in Madrid, or simply because of seeing their work already elected several times "Vídeo Of The Week" in Awardeo platform (reputable entity that chooses the best international Vimeo videos).

Paulo Ferreira is
timelapse technique passionate and likes to show to us, our world in a way that most of the time is imperceptible to our eyes. It pioneered raise awareness Timelapse Oporto city on social networks and did it three times already. Many will recall work like "O'Porto", "Port In Motion", "Picos de Europa", "Noudar Nature Park", "Colors Of Alvão" etc. You can see more of his work here.

Paulo Ferreira

Paulo Ferreira

Budget and due dates

Travel expenses and stay for 7 days in Oslo / Tromso: 1750.00 Euros. Once this adventure is finished, I intend to present the timelapse work, at the end of May 2016. This work will be used to apply for national and international festivals where it can be presented, as well as show to all Portuguese people, one of the most incredible nature phenomena.