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In 2013, two guys came together to create an online journalism medium that would better mirror their generation. On its 4th anniversary, Shifter launches a crowdfunding to firm their commitment to professionalize the project.
It may not seem like it but starting and maintaining a digital communication platform is getting easier and easier today. The internet has democratized the means of production and the distribution circuit, leaving the real challenges not present in this world of ​​apparent facilities. Views look like readings, likes and reactions look like proof of interested public, but none of these can indicate the effective realization of an idea. On the contrary, in the overflowing media space, the accumulation of these quantitative results must be synonymous with the assumption of a growing responsibility which, although the system does not require, is precise.

Throughout these first four years at Shifter, we could not have been more surprised by the scope of the project, a feeling we have always tried to translate into a reinforcement of the sense of responsibility that has led us here. As amateurs, dedicating part of our time to doing something that would make us feel useful, content in Portuguese and focused on the new digital world that was born following an entire generation.

We realize that only professional dedication can give a solid response to the idea that we have proposed. Invitations to debates, lectures, radio shows, television appearances, video coverage, big interviews and reports, daily follow-up of emerging topics, give us the feeling that - using football jargon to clarify understanding - although we are an amateur club, we can aim to play first league and, above all, to add a new perspective to the current panorama.

We add the notes of recognition with the project that arrive us daily in messages, comments, emails or personal conversations. Anonymous cases whose expression is sometimes dismissed but indispensable both in the chapter of motivation and in constructive criticism or punctual correction - the sense of community and its potential for expansion.

All together determines that in the 5th year of Shifter another firm step is taken by the professionalization of the project. The solidification of editorial processes and editorial criteria, the design of a useful and intuitive digital experience, and the fair remuneration of all stakeholders have become more than essential objectives, criteria for Shifter to maintain the trend of quantitative progression and to respond to the growing demand for quality.

The crowdfunding campaign, through which Shifter intends to obtain 5 thousand euros of funding from its community, appears above all as the sleeve of this commitment and as a way to boost its practical execution. The first initiatives are the new brand we are introducing, a new site, now in the testing phase, and an app, which is under construction. We are counting on your help to continue Shifter!

About the author

Founded in 2013, Shifter is a Portuguese media outlet for the digital generation, with the mission of accompanying and understanding the present to conscientiously prepare the future. Made by a multifaceted team, it is fueled by the common dream of these people to fill a gap in the Portuguese journalism market and one day they can live on what they love to do the most. Shifter is present at and on social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Budget and due dates

Duration: from 29 November to 31 December 2017

Where will we apply the money?

  • PPL Commission = € 430
  • New website = 1000 €
  • Mobile app (iOS and Android) = 1500 €
  • Operating costs (6 months) = 1500 €
  • Server and domain (6 months) = 500 €
  • Promotion = € 70