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Paulo Ferreira recently saw his short documentary "Nordlys" awarded in Hollywood. This year intends to carry out a new project near the South Pole latitude.

This campaign aims to raise a portion of the value needed to make a documentary in Patagónia, somewhere between Chile and Argentina. In the previous work titled "Nordlys" that can be seen at, Paulo Ferreira emphasized the fact that it is necessary to counteract the strong light pollution that affects our Earth planet, our only home. Now and with this new project, it aims to highlight aspects that are guided by the obligation of environmental preservation, changing habits and economic policies and that have been devalued a little around the world, namely some leaders and politicians from large countries. Paulo Ferreira has already proven his previous work and was awarded in Hollywood, that is able to present us fantastic videos in timelapse technique. Join this new project and you will be part of it in the future.

About the author

For about 8 years, Paulo Ferreira has been involved in the development of timelapse techniques, capable of translating all the results he seeks to put into each project he performs. He has been very active in the workshops of timelapse technique, a little throughout the national territory. It collaborates with companies related to advertising, audiovisual and multimedia, tourism and travel agencies, in order to promote Portugal abroad, being the leader of expedition at Fotoadrenalina travel agency . He is currently a timelapse technician at the Portuguese Institute of Photography. On the other hand, he has been invited to events related to photography, such as several lectures at the FNAC of Porto and photography meetings (more recently at the IV Photography and Film Meeting of Vila Real).

His career in the field of photography has been rewarded with some regularity, most recently a first place in the "Rivers to Oceans" Photography Competition: Paths Among Many Stories, initiative of ASPEA as part of a European Union project, Sustainability and Efficient use of resources. "In the Astro Photography Competition of the Observatory of the Biological Park of Gaia, by raising for two consecutive years two prizes in the category Earth and Space, one of them coming from the Nordlys work.

As far as timelapse is concerned, we have already explored night skies through a video published in National Geographic Italia, mountains, streams and plaques in the Picos de Europa National Park in Spain, a double-awarded video at the Madrid Timelapse Showfest Festival in 2015 and the Sesimbra Finisterra Cinema in 2016. We can also see his work in the Noudar
Nature Park, in the Alvão Natural Park "Colors Of Alvão", video awarded at the Finisterra Film Festival in Sesimbra in 2014, but also other locations, from the town of Marvão to the city of Porto Oporto Showreel, which has already documented three times. His most recent work is called Nordlys and is an ode to the Northern Lights, seeking to draw attention to the problems that today exist on our planet, due to the strong light pollution. It was this short documentary film that earned the Oscar-nominated documentary "Oscars of Independent Documentaries" at a landmark Hollywood film festival in Los Angeles, winning two awards in a trophy for best timelapse photographer and best timelapse documentary . You can see his interview at RTP1 national television. More recently he won a trophy with this work titled "Nordlys" at the Vila Nova de Gaia International Festival of Tourism Cinema "ART & TUR", as well as being awarded in Barcelona, Ibiza, Belgrade (this award was received by Mr. Ambassador of  Portugal In Serbia), in Los Angeles, etc.

Budget and due dates

200.00€ - PPL Commissions costs

75.00€ - Commissions costs of payments

500,00€ - Gifts costs

2,725.00€  - Travel costs (only flights and transfers)