Muesli Café in Porto

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"We want to open a breakfast place in Porto where we will serve our delicious muesli."

Muesli is a healthy breakfast, popular in central and Northern Europe but not much known in Portugal. We want to change that, and with your help, we will start by opening a café in the center of Porto to serve our delicious self-made muesli.

Why Porto?

Porto is a great city! This is obvious to those who live there, and also to those who visit. Most importantly, Porto is going through a major change—there are more and more foreigners visiting, studying and even staying for starting a new life. There are lots of new cool bars and restaurants apperaing, and stores selling interesting stuff. Porto is opening up new cultures, new experiences and new habits. We think this is the perfect context for our Muesli Café. 




The café

Muesli café will be a breakfast place—we will open early in the morning and close after lunchtime, for late risers ;)

This will be a calm, cozy and warm place. We are planning to find nice second-hand furniture and turn the café into a comfortable "temporary living-room". 


The focus will be on mueslis. We will prepare them with fresh seasonal fruit, our own self-flaked cereals, high quality dairy and non dairy products, honey, seeds, nuts and dried fruit. We'll make sure most of these ingredients will be produced in Portugal. There will be also other products made of the same ingredients: cakes, crumbles, fruit salads, shakes, smoothies, cookies and muesli bars. The most important is that everything will be self-made. We will also serve coffee, of course!



We will offer our muesli also for take-away. If you are in a hurry and don't have time to stay in the café but don't want to miss a muesli breakfast, you can just take it to your work/classes and eat it there. We will provide reusable glass jars instead of plastic packages as a contribution to the environment.


About the author

We are  Erika Göbel and Diogo Oliveira, graphic and web designers from Germany and Portugal. Together we run a collaboration called ED Design. We are passionate about good food in general, and good muesli in particular. 


Erika is German but was born in Siberia and moved to Germany when she was 4. She studied architecture for two years in Trier, but discovered her passion for graphic design, and moved to Karlsruhe to study at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. During her studies she worked as a waitress in some cafés and later as graphic designer for different studios and clients. In 2010 she lived for one year in Porto, where she did an internship. She was surprised how delicious and inexpensive the fruit is, and wondered how come people don't take full advantage of its potential. Back then, the Muesli Café idea started to grow in her mind.

Diogo was born in Porto, where he still lives. He loves the city and knows it well. He especially likes to work and to draw in its cafés. Diogo studied graphic design at the Fine Arts faculty of Porto, but since then, he has grown a passion for web programming. Today he considers himself a web developer with design skills. He is also an illustrator. In 2010 the publisher Plana launched the small book "Big hands, small mobile" with some of his drawings. His passion for muesli comes from Erika. Before he met her, muesli was that boring healthy stuff that you put in milk.


Budget and due dates

According to our calculations we will need the 12.000€ for:

Kitchen equipment: 4992,00€ (41,6%)

Renovation works and licensing: 1860,00€ (15,5%)

Furniture: 1296,00€ (10,8%)

Security deposit: 1200,00€ (10%)

Office equipment: 1140,00€ (9,5%)

First ingredients: 600,00€ (5%)

PPL: 600,00€ (5%)

Other costs: 312,00€ (2,6%)

If this campaign comes to a good end, these are the planned timings:

Jan/Feb 2015: Look for the place, buy equipment and furniture

Mar/Apr/May 2015: Project, renovation works and licensing

May or June 2015: Opening