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The KOVA M FESTIVAL 2016 is stated is a vehicle of communication and cultural dissemination. For 4 years, 20 days, 180 artists. 13 000 people have met around a stage that reflects memories of rural exodus and Lusophone experiences.

Kova M Festival is a Cultural Festival born in 2012 in the Bairro Alto da Cova da Moura, which is the largest and most diverse migrant population in the outskirts of Lisbon, as an initiative of the Moinho da Juventude NGO, in collaboration with neighborhood residents and local and national authorities. For four consecutive years, the Kova M Festival has promoted cultural integration and dissemination of local and African cultures through entertainment  and educational events directed at all ages, allowing residents to affirm their culture and their identities. The best art of these neighborhoods will be here.

In this fifth edition, the KOVA M FESTIVAL 2016 festival is emerging as a vehicle of communication and cultural dissemination, one of the largest or even the largest urban African festival of Lisbon. This year again, the festival will disseminate African Lusophone literature, sports, gastronomy, music and dance, also offering fun  and entrepreneurship activities, as well as debates and a cine-club.

• Activities
the Book Fair with literature workshop
Kizomba Workshop
the Workshop Kola San Jon
Batuque Workshop Finka Pé
Graffiti Workshop
international films Sample
The Photo Exhibition
the circus arts
futsal tournaments
the Session clarification on immigration law, and services
the open sessions on entrepreneurship
the Gastronomic Fair
the Child Space
Flash mob
the artistic residence, Jam Session
the various music concerts and traditional African dance, breakdance & kuduro

About the author

The Moinho da Juventude NGO develops  educational, social, socio-professional, cultural and sports activities in the Alto Cova da Moura neighborhood in Buraca, a municipality of Amadora. For more information, you can consult our website and the following addresses on Facebook and www.facebook.com/kolasanjon. We invest in the creation of local services for neighborhood residents, such as:

§ Nursery, Kindergarden, Family Day Care, FreeTime Activities Center  - CATL to accompany 424 children in their growth, LEAP, a draft Parental Training 4 that neighborhood mothers accompany Doorstep 84 families;

§ dance groups, music and sports (teams of children and basketball youth, athletic and futsal) · Professional Insertion and Training Office, Employment  and Entrepreneurship Support Office of , Documentation Support Office , Social Support Office , Intergenerational Space - Participatory Citizenship;

§ Computer Center offers training for childhood , youth and adults centers, as well as the employees' association;

§ cultural groups, Batuque Finka Pé, Kola San Jon (Classified as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Portugal), the Hip-hop dance group  "Wonderfull's Kova M" and  music production studio (Kova M Studio "The sky is the  limit").

This NGO is well known to the Portuguese public. In 2005, our leader was awarded the prize of the most active woman in Portugal (http://activa.sapo.pt/vida/Premio_Activa/2010-02-12-godelieve-meersschaert2). The value of this award was used to build a library and training center. The NGO was also awarded the Portuguese Parliament award\ for human rights in 2007.

Budget and due dates

- 1,353€ - Rental of sound and light

- 900€ - Expenses for workshops, workshops, debates and sports

- 1000€ - Human Resources

- 500€ - T-shirts Drafting customized to promote the event and your memory as well as to the staff members, given the need for an organizational perspective

- 600€ - Power

- 400€ - Typography (posters, flyers, etc.)

- 315€ - Transportation (Participants, etc.)

- 50€ - License Shows General Directorate

- 250€ - Liability Insurance

- 130€ - Insurance Personal Accident

The festival will take place between 19 and 23 July 2016, from Tuesday to Saturday, one week before the start of the activities we have to have the money available to make the payments that are required for the festival happen.



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