Tourist and Cultural Guide of Olhão

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Publication of a new Tourist and Cultural Guide of Olhão, elaborated by the Association for the Defence of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage of Olhão (APOS)

Olhão is a land with strong cultural, historical and architectural singularities that are currently being rediscovered, but which still lack proper disclosure.

In the History of bilingual Tourist Guide publications in Olhão we only have a Guide in 1946 and an APOS Guide, published in 2010, also made by a group of citizens with the sponsorship of some private companies in exchange for advertising: Olhão Camping Park, Mútua de Seguros CRL, Pensão Bicuar, Moviflor, Sérgio Restaurant, Mime Design + Comunicação.

The APOS Guide, published in 2010, has already been run out. So we intend to publish an update in portuguese and english, in 2018, in order to explain what distinguishes Olhão, our History, our Architecture and our Legends.

This new guide may already be read here, but it needs funding for its paper publication, which is the purpose of the campaign.

It is a work of pure citizenship, with no intention of any monetary reward and, again, without any prior public support.

If in 2010, we were only about 10 volunteers who got funds through some publicity, this year of 2018 we intend to be hundreds of volunteers who through crowdfunding want to participate. And our association pledges to reward them in various ways, with the most honorable being putting their names (unless expressly requested anonymity) in the new 2018 Guide for that their civic intervention be remembered.

About the author

APOS aims to disclose, defend and recover the heritage of the Municipality of Olhão, with the aim of contributing to the sustainable well-being of the population.

The Association has been providing a citizenship service since 2006 on its website and already has a wide range of activities, of which we highlight the publication of dozens of books in paper or electronic format that we make available in our Online library.

Since its foundation, APOS has been led by António Paula Brito de Pina, Vítor Matias and Graciete Guerreiro .

The edition of these Guide has been coordinated by António Paula Brito de Pina but with the effort of several citizens who provided photographs, worked on the Portuguese text and the English translation.

The posture of civic intervention of our association is explained in the interview given by António Paula Brito to the newspaper Barlavento here.

Budget and due dates

The requested budget of € 2500 will be exclusively for:

  • The payment of the fees due to the platform PPL and VAT (€ 215.25)
  • The typography printing of 4500 copies of the Guide, which will have 46 pages in A5 format, printed in 4/4 colors, in Couche Mate of 150grs, stapled with 2 points of wire (2284.75 €).

We estimate the following deadlines for our activities in this 2018 year :

  • March/April - campaign at PPL
  • May - printing in typography Litografis (Albufeira).
  • MayJune /July - delivery of all copies promised to contributing participants.



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