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A 5000km roadtrip in India... on a vespa! This is the subject of Jorge Vassallo's new book, writer of "Indochina" and "How Far Can You Go With 1000 Euros?"

Jorge Vassallo, author of the blog "Fui dar uma volta" and travel books such as "Indochina" and "How Far Can You Go With 1000 Euros?" presents his new project: the first volume of the "Everything is Possible!" trilogy, about his adventures in India.

In April 2015, a friend challenged me to follow him on a roadtrip in India... by vespa. It was 5000km and almost three months of a great and intense adventure, that I will never forget: from the overwelming Thrissur Pooram Festival, with hundreds of elephants and millions of people on the streets, to being detained for questioning, on charges of industrial spionage and terrorism, during the hottest summer ever recorded, in India; to shaving our heads in a temple that is bigger than Mecca, Jerusalem or the Vatin.

From this adventure comes the first volume of a trilogy that I'm writing on my trips in India, after more than a decade traveling there.

This crowdunding campaign is made to garantee the resources in order to edit the text, do all the design and printing of 1000 copies of the bok; as well as the design of the front cover, back cover and some promotional material - all made by the illustrator and street artist Vanessa Teodoro (The Super Van)

Capa do livro, by Vanessa Teodoro

Capa do livro, by Vanessa Teodoro

About the author

I'm what people nowadays call "a professional traveller", if you can actually be a professional on traveling.

With seventy countries in my CV, I have been writing for more than a decade on my blog "Fui dar uma volta" and I work with "Nomad" travel agency for more than 8 years now. I'm a tour leader in Indochina and Burma. And whenever is possible, I do my own projects, such as books like "How Far Can You Go With 1000 Euros?", "The Portuguese Way To Santiago" and, most recently, "Indochina", about my trips in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

In this new project, I want to self-publish. There are options in today's market, more tools and alternatives everyday, in order to avoid the "big sharks" of the publishing market. I wanna publish something that is honest and exciting, not only as a project (for me) but as an object too (for the reader).

Selfie com a minha vespa e o capacete que comprei na Tailândia.

Selfie com a minha vespa e o capacete que comprei na Tailândia.

Budget and due dates

This crowfunding is for:

  • Editing of the text
  • Design
  • Printing
  • Front and back cover design (by Vanessa Teodoro)
  • Development of some promotional material
  • Rewards
  • ISBN
  • Costs with comissions