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Be part of the creation of a new dance company, CDM. Help us to make our dream come true! With your support we will make it!

We are creating a new dance company but the first steps are the hardest because no one programmes a dance company whose work they've never seen or hear of. So, we decided to build a new strategy: invite the community of national and international cultural entities such as agents and theater programming managers/producers, to come to Matosinhos and Lisboa, in order to preview the reduced version of our future show, TRIPALIUM.

TRIPALIUM redux is a short version of the final show we want to produce from September 2017 onwards. This first short version will allow us to show the cultural entities the content and aesthetics of the first creation of CDM, aiming to captivate these cultural programmers to buy or coproduce the final show.

This show has 3 dancers and one choreographer that live abroad; the rest of the creative and production team lives in Portugal.

Your donation for this campaign will support the transportation, food and stay for these artists during the creation period in Portugal, allowing us to bring to life the first version of TRIPALILIUM.

TRIPALIUM is a critical reflection about the labor conditions, modern servitude, and the consequent inhumane reaction of the society by accepting this reality.


About the author

CDM, an initiative of OIOAI! Associação, promises to challenge the human body and its perception by the audience, bringing back to the national stages the art translated into bodies that shape, defy and transcend their own limits.

CDM invites high-quality dancers whose agile and precise movements to mirror the worries and vision of emerging choreographers.

Through this selection and through the creative and production processes, CDM hopes to bring up socio-political issues that fracture contemporaneity, exploring interventionist and reflexive projects, and therefore promoting the community's development.

With its wide educative project, CDM intends to play a relevant role approaching people to art and people to people, contributing to a cohesive community, informed and healthy. Like this, dance assumes itself as a vehicle capable of promoting social equity and developing intellectual heritage.

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Direction CDM: Diana Amaral, Sara Silva

Dancers: Laura Vanhulle, Ombline Noyer, Sara Silva, Sarah Leenders

Choreography: Gustavo Oliveira

Scene Direction: Manuel Tur

Cenography: Ana Gormicho

Light Design: Joaquim Madaíl

Design: Ângela Perez Metelo

Budget and due dates

We want to give these artists a fair and valuable work experience and we are counting on your support for the final touches of this fantastic initiative. With your precious help, we will ensure a part of transport, accommodation and food costs for the artistic team during the residency period, three weeks.

·       Transport: airplane travels (return) to Porto for four elements of the team plus return travels Matosinhos-Lisboa for the artistic team – 560€

·       Accommodation for the dancers and choreographer during the residency period in Matosinhos + Accommodation for the whole team in Lisbon (two days) – 2400€


·       Food during the stay of the team in Matosinhos and the whole team in Lisbon – 300€

PPL – 5% value of crowdfunding (IVA included) – 137,50€

Due date: 30 de January 2017.




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