"Céu", de Xavier Pereira

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Five women, friends since college time, let life go its way until something happens that they never thought possible. A mobile phone message marks a breakthrough that promises to shake what the years have built.

The young playwright Xavier Pereira has now written the play Céu, whose debut is announced for October 18 at the Village Underground Lisbon, constituting the 18th stage production of Buzico! with João Ascenso signing the show's performance.

The five young female characters are interpreted by actresses Ana Lúcia Magalhães, Catarina Mago, Catarina Siqueira, Laura Barbosa and Mikaela Lupo, recreating the possibility of a generational portrait that, in a kind of technological apotheosis of omnipresence, lends itself to the illusion of a permanent virtual communicability, almost making rare the possibility of the real.

Heaven is a text of islanders who have unlearned the physical time of being (of being actually for someone), listening, caring, touching and living. And being this, it is not, for the best reasons, a manifesto, nor a typification. It is rather an equidistant and everyday look of a couple of five girls (without this being a subsidiary text of a gender discourse) that, due to a marked event, awaken from the atony in which they are immersed, so to speak, to return to an experience their people, their lives and the friendship that unites them in a poignant way, although they almost did not realize it.

After the expected career of 4 weeks at the Sala Village Underground Lisbon the show will run the country from north to south and islands.

Fotografia da equipa do projecto | © Fernando Nuwanda

Fotografia da equipa do projecto | © Fernando Nuwanda

About the author

To Buzico! Produções Artísticas has existed since 2011, it is a structure of human and logistic means that conceives, produces and promotes cultural shows. Since its foundation, Buzico! Produções Artísticas, has produced and co-produced 16 shows, among which are: Hamlet da Silva, by Miguel Morrillo, directed by Eduardo Condorcet and performed by Alexandra Saragento, Augusto Portela, Catarina Matos and Marco Costa; Broadway Baby - The History of the American Musical, by and with Henry Feist; Esta Vida É Uma Cantiga, a musical performance in honor of Henrique Feist and Vítor Pavão dos Santos, with Henrique Feist, Vanessa, FF, Anita Guerreiro and Simone de Oliveira; Quatro Metades, based on 4 short stories by Mia Couto, directed by Renato Godinho and Iolanda Laranjeiro; Cantora Careca, by Eugène Ionesco, with interptions by Alexandra Sargento, Andresa Soares, Fernando Rodrigues, João Cabral, João Gualdino and Sofia Brito; A noite do choro pequeno, authorship and direction of João Ascenso and interpretations of Alexandra Sargento and Sofia Nicholson; Um Ano Sem Ti, authorship and direction of João Ascenso and interpretations of Isabel Guerreiro, Pedro Barroso, Raquel Rocha Vieira and Ricardo Lérias; Variações, de António, author and direction by Vicente Alves do Ó and interpretation by Sérgio Praia; and more recently, A Passagem das Horas, by Fernando Pessoa | Álvaro de Campos, with direction and interpretation of Nelson Cabral.

Budget and due dates

We have used the PPL and a crowdfunding campaign for two reasons: firstly, because the contributions can be from € 1.00, anonymously or not; second, because Buzico! Artistic Productions is not a structure with financial support from the state or private and as we have as motto: to give stage to their passions, artists, we do not want to defraud the expectations of those who entrust us their projects.

If we can achieve our € 2,750 target, this value will be used to support the payment of the following items: rights, staging, actors' rehearsals, lighting design, set design, music, graphic design and promotion materials (brochures, posters - MUPIs , A3 - and room sheet), age rating of the show, representation licenses and promotion campaigns (social networks and media).