Africa - The Bright Side of the Earth

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A book. Not just a book, but a book where you can see the "Bright Side of the Earth". A book that will show you happy faces from Africa. And their stories.

Most of the time, people perceive Africa as a continent of many calamities. Of many diseases. Of poverty, dry land and hunger. Of trash on the streets and people who live their days thinking it could be their last one. And Africa does have this. But it has so much more.

In this book I want to show that poverty and happiness in Africa are not necessarily correlated. I want to show that Africa is also bliss, beauty and music. It is green and red and yellow. It is young and old together. And no matter the age, everyone will always have a smile to share. I photographed in Mozambique, Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and Malawi in the past 5 years and there is no where else on earth where I've found so much joy.

In addition, the writer Mia Couto - winner of the Neustadt International Prize for Literature in 2014 - and translated into more than 22 countries - wrote the book's preface.

Isn't it all something worth sharing?

Book Details:

Name: Africa - The Bright Side of the Earth

Photographs & text by: Maria Pereira dos Santos

Edited by: Dinamene Branco

Language: English

# of pages: 88

Size: A4

Kind: Hard Cover but soft and sweet inside (you will want to have it. I guarantee you)

Senhora Macua - Moçambique 2010

Senhora Macua - Moçambique 2010

About the author

I'm Maria. I love people. I love to photograph. In fact, more than actually loving to just photograph, I love portraits. Portraits of happy people.

Ever since I got my first camera, I always focused on the people around me. The relationship between the photographed person and me. 

I started shooting with no goal in 2010, in Mozambique, and I enjoyed it so much that I decided I wanted to share it with the world. In 2012, I set up an exhibition - Owitho - Um retrato da Ilha -, in which I shared my work with Lisbon. Now I want to share it with the world. 


Budget and due dates

The money will all be going towards the project: for printing the book, publishing it and getting it to you.

First edition will have 1000 books.

As I am fairly new in this, I am afraid the dates I have in here are not completely accurate, but I want to make sure you will get the book for x-mas (it would be such a great x-mas present!), so my target would be: printed by the beginning of December.