AGIR +: Help needy families manage their finances

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Unique Project in partnership with Fundação EDP and Universidade Católica Portuguesa ( Socio-economics) . The Financial Project AGIR (stands for Act + Manage + Inform + Recover), envisions to aid disfavored families by managing their finances.

It’s a social aid based project, with the cooperation of Fundação EDP and Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

The Ipsum Home aims to Ajudar (Aid) needed families, Gerir (manage) finance, Informar (Enlighten) how it should be carried out and Resolver (solve) their financial problems, namely over-indebtedness.  MORE, Additionally   support training of young people and adults in financial matters.


The Ipsum Home, member of the  Indebted Consumer Support Network is a non-profit social  organization , recognized  by  Consumer Directorate-General  and by  the Bank of Portugal , whose purpose is to encourage families and other organizations , a set of good practice  that promote responsible and financial management , of their resources. The consumer audience is people in financial-economical distress, difficulties or insolvency.

The Project, in two years time, aims the rescue and success of the recovery plan of over 1200 families having a direct impact on about 3300 beneficiaries. The training will be based in the basic principles of consulting and training.


Create 5 proximity offices in Matosinhos and Porto, focusing on the needy families,   inform of their rights and duties, diagnosis of the situations and proposals, individualized and directed monitoring, provide creditworthiness and capacity  for    indebtedness  information.

Creation of a pro bono legal support office

The support offices will be strategically located, locations indicated by the Parish Councils


• Training for Adults

Conducting training sessions, following guidelines of the Bank of Portugal, directed essentially to families identified by public entities. These actions will promote intergenerational sharing and collective awareness to the best practices of consumption.


Training for young people

Training sessions based on the “Everyone matters Plan “ of the Bank of Portugal, with games  and implementation of an entrepreneurship project for young people.



Consulting Services at UF Aldoar, Foz and Nevogilde and at the CIaP in  Matosinhos

Training for the students of   6º and  8º grades basic school

Workshops directed for the needed families



Individualized follow-up and of proximity to signaled, flagged families, until the identified problems are solved.

Intends,  with the help of all involved partners, businesses, parish councils, municipalities, in particular the EDP Foundation and the ATES the Portuguese Catholic University, which in supporting evidence the unequivocal confidence in the project, Want with the help of all involved partners, businesses, parish councils, municipalities, in particular the EDP Foundation and the ATES the Portuguese Catholic University, which with their support show the unequivocal confidence in the project, expand services to broader areas, in a close relationship and  direct and proximity  intervention work , along with remaining  project partners, identifying more effectively the families in need of this support.


About the author

The Association  IPSUM HOME is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to enlighten and inform the families and organizations, a set of good practice  , that will enable a balanced and responsible financial management  of their resources

The Association IPSUM HOME develops their skills in 3 distinctive areas:

Consulting / Training /  Entrepreneurship 

Promotes economic-financial balance and financial sustainability of families and organizations; the social change through the financial education, contributes to social responsibility by encouraging entrepreneurship

Budget and due dates

This value is intended for the implementation of the project in 5 different locations.


1) In the Center of Sharing and Iniciative permisses,  an organization that relies on the partnership with CityHall of Matosinhos  and Universidade Católica Portuguesa, where are several projects , and not social projects , where the training room will be installed, which will be equipped with computer and projection equipment

2) In two places to be indicated by the Union Parishes of Matosinhos e Leça da Palmeira;

3) In two places identified by Porto's parish councils and according to the needs of the beneficiaries and interest shown by the contacted Parish Unions.

4) Training activities / seminars / meetings / workshops at each of the above named locations

5) Purchase of standard base equipment    

6) Travel costs for the above activities

This initiative will begin in November / December 2017 during a two year period.