Going to the museum: Let's carry the Drewry

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"Going to the museum: let's carry the Drewry" aims to collect 5.000,00 Euros for the transport of the last Drewry from Guifões, in the North of Portugal, to the National Railway Museum, in Entroncamento.

The first series of vehicles equipped with a diesel engine coming to Portugal was the locotratores Drewry, in 1948.  The last years of six locotratores (1001-1006) were spent in Porto Campanhã. This Campaingn aims to gather the money needed to carry the last Drewry from  Guifões, in the  the north of Portugal, to the the National Railway Museum in Entroncamento. Afther it´s arrival to the museum, the Drewry will be restored and integrated in our permanent exhibition  so that everyone can experience this extraordinary vehicle.


About the author

The National Railway Museum (MNF) is a public entity, non-profit, opened on May 18, 2015 in the city of  Entroncamento. The MNF has contributed to the urban renewal of the city public space as well as for the qualification of the Centre region, in terms of cultural and touristic  offer. 

Our museum is accessible to all  in order to make known and appreciated by all the extraordinary Portuguese Railway Heritage . We would like to highlight two major conservation and restoration projects of Railway  Heritage.  The restoration of the Royal Train and the restoration of the Presidential train,inaugurated in  December 2013, is an emblematic composition and  a symbol of our collection. The Presidential Train was full restored being able to circulate  throughout the national railway line, being the first project of his kind in Portugal and has won  APOM 2014 Award for the best national restoration project.

Our programmatic approach do not forget the children, with the MNF taken the first steps within the educational community of the Central Region, in a work that necessarily will also pass through the creation of cultural habits.  Although still in the beginning, the work for children has already received an important international award, the Silver Award at the International Festival of Audiovisual for Museums and Heritage (FIAMP) Moscow 2014 with the augumented reality totem for children, "Mr. Steam :the train is our friend, "making the MNF, as far as we known,  the only national museum with this distinction.


Budget and due dates

Budget: 5,000.00 Euros. The budget respects the transportation value by road and the rental of cranes needed to this operation . The transport will be made between Guifões and the National Railway Museum in Entroncamento. The period of the campaign is 60 days.

Should be added to the budget the Commission of 5% of the PPL, plus VAT, totalizing 307.50 Euros.