A revolutionary way to finance your project!

Crowdfunding is a recent and simple way to raise funds for a specific project with the help of a community that shares the same interest. PPL is an online platform that gathers those networks of entrepreneurs and supporters.

Our objective is to allow the huge potential of ideas elaborated by our community to become a reality, by helping project owners in their hard fund raising process.

We want to promote great projects from talented and motivated people from areas such as social events, arts, culture and sports. Do you want to launch the next hit-album from your new band or organize a concert of your favorite band? Maybe publish you own book? Or perhaps build a picnic area in your neighborhood?

Through PPL, you can publish and gather those people who share the same interest. If each member contribute with a small amount, together we can accomplish the greatest projects. That is the strength of crowdfunding: small investments x large community = excellent projects!

PPL works in a simple and transparent way, using the "all or nothing" mechanic (see why in our Frequently Asked Questions):

  • The project owner sets the minimum required amount and deadline
  • If the funding goal is reached or surpassed within the due date, the project owner receives the funds and the platform charges him/her a 5% success fee
  • If the goal is not reached, the project owner will get no funds; these will be refunded to the backers. The platform won't charge a thing.

As you can see, there is nothing to lose, except the effort of promoting your project. Go on, and pitch us your idea!

Raise funds for your project

Through PPL, fundraising for your idea is simple. Apply your original and creative idea and share it next to people that might be interested in contributing to your challenge. As soon as all the funds get raised, we will transfer all the lump sum pledged by the great backers so you can really start working and make your idea a reality.

If you have an interesting project, come and present it to the community!

Who will back my project?

It all depends on how thrilling your project is, how much effort you put promoting it and how inspiring you are so that people considering backing it up. The first funders' circle are your friends, family and colleagues but will rapidily spread to unknown people that share the same interest and believe in you and your idea... and want you original rewards.

Read our guide to a good pitch to get tips on how to reach your goal.

What does PPL win with all this?

One of our values is transparency. We follow a "all or nothing" model. If you get your targeted amount (or more) within the deadline, you get financed and the platform earns a 5% success fee (+VAT). Otherwise, all the money will be returned to the supporters, no strings attached. Registration is free, both for supporters and the project owner.

Support a project

We offer fantastic people the opportunity to follow and back excellent ideas from bold entrepreneurs! Supporting new ventures was never easier! Either it's an investment in a envisioned entrepreneur, a young fashion or design promise or a talented movie director, PPL allows you to become part of the project and the adventure, by supporting projects and people you believe in. Projects that might otherwise not fly at all.

As a reward, you will still be entitled to perks by the project owners. Accordingly to your financial support and the generosity and creativity of each entrepreneur, you can get from a simple (but heart-felt) "thank you" to a unique and exclusive reward. For example, if you contribute to a new book, you can have you name printed on it; if you support a band, you might get a VIP access to their first concerts.

Still have doubts?

Please check the funded projects and our answers to the most frequently asked questions.