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What if a person with an incurable disease at an advanced stage, tells you “I want to be cared for at home, staying in my environment, surrounded by my family, friends and mine meaningful objects?” We often hear this appeal and ask you to help us to fulfil this wish! Because in palliative care, family and friends are essential!

Few Portuguese have the possibility of having palliative care at home because in Portugal there are not enough teams to provide such care at home. In the absence of solutions capable of meeting the challenges faced by these patients and their families, we have created “Coop LInQUE – Palliative Care at Home”. and soon we shall have our first Palliative Care team working in Lisbon.


Palliative Care is a response to the needs of patients suffering from advanced, incurable and progressive disease, and / or in intense suffering, and are mainly intended to ensure the best quality of life to the patient and his family. Palliative Care is centred in the patient physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs and not only in the diagnosis or prognosis, going far beyond the last moments of life.

We will continue to work with the utmost dedication to this project, which we launched in September 2014.At this stage we need your help to buy the first batch of medical equipment and clinical supplies.


Apoio à família

Apoio à família

About the author

Our project

Coop LinQUE (whose name is a portuguese acronym for Connecting Institutions Who Gather Efforts) is a charitable nonprofit cooperative. Its mission is to allow patients with incurable and advanced disease to stay at home, if they wish so, with support of a palliative care team, while supporting and empowering their families.

We are an interdisciplinary team of professionals with training and experience in the areas of palliative care (medicine, nursing, psychology, social work, pharmaceutical sciences, spiritual care and physiotherapy) and management. We will run daily and will have a 24/7 support over the phone.

Profits will be invested in the "LInQUE Social Fund" which, through sensible management and together with donations of patrons, will allow families with low economic resources to access to our services.

We were one of thirteen finalists projects of the "Support Program for Social Entrepreneurship" (PAES) sponsored by the Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa in 2014 and presently we are having technical support from the Social Innovation Bank (BIS), the EDP Foundation SocialLab, the Social Entrepreneurship Institute (IES) and Vieira de Almeida e Associados - Law Firm.

Budget and due dates

To support and strengthen the " LInQUE Social Fund " we have already obtained some financial support, including the "AXA Foundation - Hearts in Motion" and we are doing our best to get much more.
We established collaboration agreements with various entities, particularly with Amara Association and the Parish and Social Center of St. George of Arroios in Lisbon, where is our operational headquarters.

In the last months, with enthusiasm and dedication, we have invested our time, our knowledge and our savings in Coop LInQUE.
Now we need your support.




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