Help me to continue my treatments! Make My SUN Shine More!

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I'm Carolina, I'm 12 years old and I have Cerebral Palsy, that affects mmy arms and legs. I use a wheelchair. I, in addition to standard treatments, do intensive treatments every summers, in CHS Clinic. Each 28-day cycle costs about 5,000 euros, so I need help !! Thank you!

I really need your HELP to be HAPPIER. I am a very smart girl, I was born very tiny, premature at 29 weeks of gestation and suffered cerebral palsy that prevents me to walk and run like other kids. The CP affects "only" my arms and legs (I have some difficulty with arms and use a wheelchair). The cognitive level remained untouche, I'm a very intelligent child (a very good student!).

Since the age of 3 I do intensive treatment, first in Cuba and recently in a portuguese clinic that follow similar methods (CHS-CIS). The goal of treatment is to improve my life quality and I really hope that one day, I'll be able to walk by myself.

Unfortunately, the Portuguese health system does not suport at all these treatments and my family had to pay them.

My treatments are done in cycles, preferably for two months in the summer school holidays. Each cycle, with 28 days duration, costs 5,000 euros, at the moment (10,000 euros / year in total). I ask your help in raising the value of one cycle (which can be done alone or in conjunction with another, in the case of my family get the rest of the money).

I leave you a video of my summer treatments in 2016, hope you like it!

It is not easy for my family and so I ask you that, if you can, help me.

All donations are very welcome! Please HELP THEM to HELP ME !

Thank you and lots of kisses! 

About the author

Hello, my name is Carla Brito, I am aunt and caregiver of Carolina. I decided to create this project to be able to continue to provide Carolina, the treatments that she need! Since Carolina has 3 years old (for more than 9 years) that her treatments have been done with the help of events that I promoted and  online sale of products.

Thank you in advance to all that can help!

Budget and due dates

The Clinic where I do my treatments is called CHS-CEI and is located in Braga, Portugal. Annually, I do 2 treatment cycles (corresponding to two months, in summer school holidays). Each cycle costs 5,000 euros, totaling 10,000 euros/year. I need support because my family can not, after dealing with all the expenses that regularly have (physical therapy twice a week, special materials, and so on...), annually join this amount.