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Heelo, I'm Carolina and I'm 13 years old. I need HELP to continue my treatments. I do them for 2 months in the summer, to improve my life quality! Each cycle-28 days-costs € 5,500. I need 11,000 € / year. Here, I ask help for the value of 1 cycle.

I was born very small, premature, with 29 weeks of gestation and I suffered a Cerebral Palsy, which prevents me from walking. The Cerebral Palsy affects me "only" at motor level (I have some difficulty with my arms and I move in a wheelchair). At the cognitive level I'm very intelligent and eager to learn (I'm a very good student!).

Since I as 3, I have been doing intensive treatments, first in Cuba, recently in a portuguese clinic that follows similar methods (CHS-CEI). The purpose of the treatments is to improve my life quality and I have high hopes of one day being able to walk.

Unfortunately, Portuguese health system doen't support these treatments and it has to be my family to pay them all.

The treatments are done in cycles, ideally for 2 months, during the summer school holidays. Each cycle, lasting 28 days, costs at this time € 5,500. So, I need 11,000 € / year. Here, I ask help to raise the value of one of the cycles (which can be done alone, or together with another, in case my family can pay the rest). The fact that we ask for € 6,000, instead of € 5,500, relates only to the PPL commission amounts (€ 6,000 will be in fact € 5483.40).

I leave you a video of my treatments (Summer / 2017), I hope you like it!

Thank you and kisses full of SUN!

About the author


My name is Carla Brito, I'm Carolina Lucas's aunt and caregiver. I decided to create this project so that I can continue to provide Carolina the annual treatments she so much needs !

Since the age of 3 (about 10 years ago) Carolina's treatments have been made based on numerous events that I promoted and on the online sale of products that revert in full to the treatments.

Thanks in advance to all who can help us!

Thank you!

Budget and due dates

The Clinic where I do my treatments is called CHS-CEI and is located in Braga, Portugal.

Ideally I should do 2 treatment cycles per year (corresponding to 2 months during summer school holidays). Each cycle costs approximately € 5,500, totaling € 11,000.

I need support because my family can't, after paying all the expenses that I have regularly (physiotherapy twice a week, technical support and materials, etc.), join this amount annually.