PPL 2.0


A defining moment for PPL Crowdfunding Portugal.

Today we launch our new platform.

This includes functionality requested by and validated with our colleagues, the users.

One of the main changes is the bi-lingual option where now all Portuguese and English speakers will be able to launch, source, fund and collaborate across any projects.

We want to thank the crowd for supporting us, believing in PPL and all the cool projects that have been shared.
Thank you also to all the entrepreneurs and idea pitchers as PPL is what you have shared and believed in.

Together we can go further. Together we can accomplish!

Collaborative finance - At a time when alternatives to traditional forms of finance are welcome and the technology to deliver them is abundant, crowdfunding has a strong potential to positively disrupt the entrepreneurial generation setting and grow to a position of significant relevance in society.

So here's PPL 2.0