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The TUNA ACADÉMICA DE BIOMÉDICAS is going to release its 2nd album - "Um Porto Para o Mundo". With a unique 1st edition in cork, the album aims to show the world what's done best in Portugal. This is achieved by sharing the music of this Tuna as a trip around the culture of the world.

Tuna Académica de Biomédicas is an Associação Juvenil de Interesse Cultural (Juvenile Organization of Cultural Interests) based in Oporto, Portugal,  which has been developing several works in the popular portuguese music field since 2003.  The member of this Tuna are some working professionals and students in the areas of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Aquatic Sciences of ICBAS - Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar (Biomedical Sciences Institute Abel Salazar) from the University of Porto, adding up to 100 members.

Since 2003 that we distinguish ourselves for wanting to do more and better. Knowing beforehand that there is no other student environment in the world like the one found here in Portugal, it is our aim and our mission to spread the portuguese music and culture while creating unique friendships and grow up as people in society.

In this sense, on its 13 years of existence, our group has been growing in number and quality. In between countless prizes won in Tunas' Festivals across Portugal and even Spain, we also organize our own festival: "TABernal", which already holds 8 successful editions. Besides this, we've already done 4 european tours, visiting Spain, France, Switzerland and Italy and 2 nacional tours. However, we are aware that for our contribution to the rich portuguese music portfolio to be definitive, nothing is more relevant than an album (CD) to present our work. For this end, in 2005 we released our first album, "Memórias de um Tuno" (Memories of a Tuno). This CD has already 4 editions and thousands of copies sold.

Therefore, with all the constant renovation that our group inevitably suffers, it was necessary to gather and perpetuate the most important works from the last years in a 2nd CD.

This CD, which we explain as a trip around the world beginning in the marvelous city of Oporto, is a result of great voluntary effort and dedication of everyone in the group and it holds 10 songs of a great cultural diversity associated to such a portuguese tradition as it is the music of a Tuna.

The trip starts in Oporto, our home, with 4 original songs which refer to our city and to the life of a college student and a Tuno. The journey continues to Coimbra and to the unparalleled José Afonso,  moving to Miranda do Douro with a unique in the genre song in the language "mirandês", and not finishing without going further away with adaptations of famous songs of the Balkans, Italy, Spain and Brasil, always with a touch of romance and joy that is characteristic of us.

We always try to innovate and, therefore, we will be releasing our 1st Premium Edition in a material with great history in Portugal, cork, therefore hoping to create a unique quality image in the spread of this culture that we are so proud of.

About the author

Tuna Académica de Biomédicas (TAB) officially began on the 30th September of 2003 by the strong will of a group of students of ICBAS - Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar of the University of Porto. Today, it counts more than 100 members, among professionals and students in the areas of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Aquatic Sciences.

The common interest which got this group together were simple: the interest in music, the academic life and simply liking to have fun. To this, it was added the commitment, the hard work and the enthusiasm! It was then established that this group would have rules according to the academic tradition and that the most important pillars would be the quality of our music to worthily represent the concept of a Tuna, our beloved Institute and Oporto which welcomed us.

TAB has already in its curriculum hundreds of performances across the whole Portugal, including Açores, playing on the streets and entertaining all kinds of events. Some of these are the Academic Tunas Festivals in which we've gathered dozens of awards such as Best Soloist, Best Tambourine, Best Flag Bearer, Best Instrumental, "Tuna MaisTuna" and Best Tuna throughout the years.

Internationally, we've participated in Tunas' Festivals organized in Spain and we've realized some European Tours in 2006, 2010, 2012 and 2015, passing through several European countries and making a longer stay in cities like Salamanca, Barcelona, Sevilla, Madrid, Nice, St. Tropez, Marseille, Monaco, Geneva or Milan. We've also done two Nacional Tours in 2005 and 2014.

In the year 2008, we've organized our 1st edition of TABernal, the Academic Tunas Festival of ICBAS where it proved itself as a successful project. In 2016, the 8th edition of TABernal was made. In these 8 editions, the Sá da Bandeira Theatre, our usual stage, was presented with some of the most important and renown Tunas of the nacional and international viewpoint, selling out several times.

In July of the year 2005 our 1st TAB Album - "Memórias de um Tuno" (Tuno's Memories) was released. This album reaffirms the musical quality which has been our foundation, with 10 songs between originals and traditional portuguese, spanish and brazilian music covers. Our CD has already 4 reissues and more than 3000 copies sold and we are now looking to promote the portuguese music and culture even further with our 2nd CD - "Um Porto Para o Mundo"

Therefore, TAB is a renown Tuna in Oporto and Portugal with several projects carried out with success in these 13 years, a personality of entertainment together with work and dedication, and many more ideas for future projects and development of our group.

Budget and due dates

  • Recording of the CD - 1610€
  • Portuguese Authors' Society - 350€
  • CDs' duplication - Premium Edition (Cork) - 1500€
  • CDs' duplication - Standart Edition - 1000€
  • CD's design and image - 200€
  • Launch Event (rental of space, logistics and advertising) - 2500€
  • PPL (5%) + IVA (23%) - 153,75€
  • Sum of the costs - 7 313,75€
  • Self-financing - 4 813,75€
  • Sum of financing still needed to finalize the project - 2 500,00€