Primitive Reason: Power to the People!

Ericeira, Portugal

Primitive Reason are back in 2012 with a new, fan-supported album entitled Power to the People!

It is a return to the bands' roots in the 90s, with a sound and aesthetic vision that will be immediately familiar to long time fans as vintage Primitive Reason.

With their new single, "Seeds Among the Rain", to debut very soon on Portugal's Antena 3 radio station (followed by international campaigns), Primitive Reason are also about to launch a new website and Online Community, with a record that points to a cultural and political necessity in modern times: Power to the People!

More information in the official website:

Check the promo teaser for the advance single for the upcoming album.


About the author

Primitive Reason complete their 19th year in 2012. Since 1993, they have presented us with a sound that crosses several musical styles from ska, rock, reggae to funk, being Portugal's unrivaled alternative pioneers in this field with their very own sound.

Primitive Reason are a reference point in the history of Portuguese music and they have never let their fans down.  Between 1996 and 2007 they released 5 albums and 2 EPs, working and living both in Europe as well as America; always consistent, always original. For the more dedicated fans, the wait for this sixth album was long but is nearing its end. A prolonged gestation period, call it perfectionism or the necessary fermentation time to cook up the type of creativity exhibited here, explains the six year gap. And it also marks the inspiration and the quality you will hear on their new album “Power To The People”.

We feel like Primitive Reason are today what they have always been – youthful, irreverent, critical, energetic humanists  – and as alive and explosive as ever.