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Stand-up to “Maratona da Saúde”

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The “Ciência em Cena” project involves several Portuguese schools that are supporting “Maratona da Saúde”.

The “Ciência em Cena” project involves several Portuguese schools that are supporting “Maratona da Saúde”.

With the collaboration of our scientists, we went to schools to talk about science and health. We want to associate serious subjects to humor and positive stories. The schools were challenged to develop stand-up comedy texts about scientific issues. Joining science with humor we want to promote in schools a proactive and citizenship attitude. On March 23rd, in a tv program dedicated to “Maratona da Saúde” (broadcast on RTP and RTP internacional), the winners of the stand-up comedy competition will have the opportunity of performing to the country.

Through science and research, “Maratona da Saúde” provides a path to new discoveries to fight against statistics and beat diseases. We can do it together!

We will join efforts to accelerate research through the work of our scientists. Financing projects of excellence in health and science can open paths for the discovery of new and better treatments for our patients and ensure a happier future to our families and friends.

The raised funds will be applied to fund research projects in cancer developed by scientists across Portugal. Support this project, our students and teachers, and be a “Maratona da Saúde” ambassador. 

“Stand-up” to Maratona da Saúde

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“Ciência em Cena” project – a group of schools that joined “Maratona da Saúde” to fundraise for biomedical research.


  • Agrupamento de escolas Dr.Ramiro Salgado, Torre de Moncorvo 
  • Escola Básica Dr. Francisco Sanches, Braga
  • Escola Secundária Garcia da Horta, Porto
  • Escola Secundária de Arouca, Arouca
  • Agrupamento de escolas Coimbra Oeste – Escola Secundária D.Duarte, EB Inês de Castro, EB Taveiro
  • Agrupamento de escolas Aquilino Ribeiro, Oeiras
  • Escola Básica I Santa Maria, Beja