Juntos Fazemos Lisboa

Crowdfunding is a simple and online method for a community of like-minded people to network and pool their money and knowledge together.

António Costa candidacy for Lisbon municipal elections decided to innovate and launch the first crowdfunding campaign for a political candidacy in Portugal, using leading platform PPL.

In the last four years, António Costa had the privilege to be the mayor of Lisbon Municipality. He helped Lisboa be a friendlier, more sustainable, entrepreneur, innovative and international capital. To achieve this, the collaboration of all the citizens, living or working in the city, and all the political, social and economic entities was crucial. However, to improve our city, the effort needs to continue and this calls for everyone's participation, especially the younger population.

In a difficult period for Portugal, when many young citizens are forced to go abroad searching for a future, it is important to find paths and solutions that can bring positive results and give back hope.

We want to promote citizenship among the youth, by calling everyone's action to build the future of our city, defining its priorities and selecting projects that can boost companies and job creation. This is only possible if, next September 29th, the youngsters decide to be an active part of their communities and city and to participate in the decision making process of their future.

We want to emphasize the participation in September elections, by producing a video that will give voice to young men and women from Lisbon. We wish this video can show the value and relevance of each and every vote, and the difference it makes not to let others decide our future and the future of the projects and choices that have an impact in our daily life.

The funds raised in this crowdfunding campaign will support the video production costs, filming, editing and materials, in addition to the public presentation session and the backers' perks.

This is only possible to the most important contribution: yours! Please join us. Together, we make Lisbon. Juntos, fazemos Lisboa.

Please participate also with your ideas to improve Lisbon, on the website www.juntosfazemoslisboa.pt or by email sugestoes@juntosfazemoslisboa.pt.

On behalf of António Costa candidacy for Lisbon, we thank you for your contribution.

About the author

António Costa candidacy for Lisbon municipal elections has the support of Partido Socialista and civil groups "Cidadãos por Lisboa" and "Lisboa é Muita Gente".