Horta virtual


The aim of this project is to bring small producers of vegetables and fruits closer to in general population. For that will be created an online platform able to make that connection.

Features for Producers:

  • Product placement online
  • Orders free up (maximum of 3 per month, more than 3 have to upgrade to unlimited orders for 30 euros / month)
  • Definition of the area of delivery
  • Order Management Software Online in reserved portal area
  • Possibility of sending sms with newletters and campaigns and promotions
  • Rating assigned by ultizadores carrying out orders
  • Possibility to highlight their products in different areas of the site with a value of 10 euros / month

Features for users:

  • Search by location or name
  • Order products online
  • Compare prices with other producers
  • Create weekly shopping rules
  • assign stars (1-5) to set the professionalism of the producer as well as quality products.
  • Recipes with vegetables and fruits


Portugal. Great advantage - will be given plenty of fresh products (harvested at own day), most competitive prices since they are not inflated by margins of hypermarkets.

 Portugal has 200 new young farmers per month.


About the author

Entrepreneur for over 15 years, with a strong desire to explore a new area of activity with great potential for growth in Portugal.

During six years was Partner company manager www.fullscreen.pt

During seven years Partner company manager www.webupdate.pt

Much experience in project management web, SEO and Social Networking.