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Frankie Chavez - New Album!

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Hello, I’m Frankie Chavez. I’m a musician and I’m recording my third album and I would like to invite you to be part of this project.

I’ve released an EP and an album in a completely independent way and this one will be my best work so far!

Through PPL Crowdfunding all of you may enter this journey with me, participate and help me to do it in a cool and fast way.

Basically what I want is to continue to do what I love the most: music; and share it with you and with the largest number of people.

To release an album there are some items to consider:

  • Studio
  • Design
  • Production
  • Promotion
  • Distribution

...and all these items are divided in different processes that involve many people and, of course, some money.

These days, fortunately, there are means and technology for independent bands to risk it and do things their own way.

This is the case of our/your new project.


Through monetary contributions of different values that will give access to exclusive and limited rewards during this campaign (see above).


Exclusive crowfunding articles such as:

  • The album signed by me before the official release date;
  • A table book with band photos of the last two years on the road;
  • Exclusive unedited themes;
  • Concert tickets with backstage access;
  • An exclusive concert in your own living room, balcony….or where you choose.

All these articles are exclusively for you, dear friends, in this journey of transforming an idea into a song, a song into an album and an album into an itinerary of senses.

About the author

Frankie Chavez is one of the most promising talents of the new Portuguese music; he has been referred to as the latest Blues revelation of southern Europe. His music combines a diverse array of sounds resulting in a Blues/Folk composed by clean sounds and others more raw and psychedelic.

Although one can identify many different musical influences (Robert Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, Kelly Joe Phelps, Ry Cooder) it is difficult to find one single word to define his music. This sets him with a unique and distinctive style.

A multi-instrumentalist, Frankie Chavez uses several guitars, with different tunings, personalized drums and a wide number of effect pedals. When he overlaps different guitar layers with a loop station, he creates a rich and aggressive sonority, where nothing is left out of place. Through his warm tone and strikingly intimate lyrics he creates a deep closeness with the listeners.