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Biodanza Our lives changed as we danced

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We depend on all the Biodanza tribe, and on all who would like to know Biodanza, to support this project. We created several levels so that everyone can participate. ALL suporters will seetheir name in a special section of the book. 

Please bring in all your friends and acquaintances from around the world. The book is bilingual: in English and in Portuguese!

Only with your commitment and dedication we can turn this idea into a successful accomplishment.

If you've never heard of Biodanza , or if you know Biodanza , you are aware that there is little written about this "system of human integration , organic renovation, emotional reeducation and relearning of the original functions of life " as defined by its creator Rolando Toro Arañeda (1924-2010) , teacher, psychologist, anthropologist, Chilean poet and painter, then you will want to support the publication of "BIODANZA Our lives changed as we danced " a collective , unique and enlightening project on the reason so many people , and in increasing numbers , adhere to and practice Biodanza .

Also important to know that:
1. All supporters who do not know Biodanza and who contribute, a FREE Biodanza class is offered with a value of € 15 (with a regular group in Paço d'Arcos, Portugal) a gracious offer of Biodanza Elsa David;
2. All incentives are convertible into copies of the book. The number of copies is the contributed value divided by 15 rounded to the lower integer.

The edition is bilingual (English and Portuguese) and in it you will find writings by well known Biodanza teachers : Antonio Sarpe , Director of the Schools of Biodanza SRT of Portugal , Nuno Pinto , Associate Professor at the School of Biodanza SRT Portugal and Director of the School of Porto , Elsa David , Professor and Didact in Biodanza , and practicioners of Biodanza who recount their experiences , their surprises and their findings about themselves. Yu will read texts by Alexandra Carvalheira, Edward Bonaventure , Henrique Carvalho , Rita Rodrigues , Rossana Appolloni , Susana Esteves and Terèse Gardete , with framing texts by Arthur Vasconcelos , author and conceptualizor of the book. The book features magnificent illustrations by Elsa David .

With the European Congress of Biodanza taking place in Portugal ( Estoril ) between July 2nd and 6th, 2014 , this book , to be published by that date , will contribute to the understanding and enjoyment of Biodanza .

Your support is fundamental to the publishing of this book. A project created with love and dedication . All people who support the book will see their name inscribed on a special section in the book. Thank you. God speed!


About the author

J. Arthur Vasconcelos has been practicing Biodanza since 2010 with the group BIODANZA ELSA DAVID. Architect and entrepreneur he has published two books and numerous articles in magazines and blogs. He produced the film "Biodanza and Life - Elsa David" available in and he was the curator of the Portuguese Video Art exhibition showned in the USA. He is a Mentor and encourages entrepreneurial projects particularly in the creative industries.



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