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CrossFit Fora da Box - Far beyond training

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I want to make CrossFit Fora da Box a reference for other Boxes in Portugal

CrossFit Fora da Box is the next step of the path made by the coach Alex Gomes. In 2016, Alex started the "Fora da Box" blog, with videos concerning training tips for CrossFit, informational articles and even Paleo recipes. With the outcoming results of the blog and the repercussion of the training tips, it seemed natural to take a further step and open an CrossFit box for this project where it could grow without limitations.

CrossFit has been growing very fast, and most because it works at different levels. Physical, psychological and social. CrossFit Fora da Box will be a place to build a strong community through actually contact with athletes, knowing everyone and respecting each others characteristics. We didn't have a CrossFit Box at Leça da Palmeira and it was time to do something about it.

We need some equipment to complement our initial investment in order to start our activities in full capacity.

About the author

Alex Gomes is the only CrossFit Level 3 trainer working in the north of Portugal and his passion for CrossFit has been known through his videos for Fora da Box since the beggining of 2016. The free videos were thought to complement his classes and clarify some techniques and tips that are very hardly found on the web. Besides these tips, the blog has also nutritional information, promoting the Paleo Diet. Alex wrote for InShape web page about training, nutrition and other subjects and he's promoting CrossFit for everyone, without exceptions..


Alex Gomes

Degree in Sports Science

Masters degree in Physical Education 

Post graduation in Education Phylosophy

CrossFit Level 3 Trainer - Certified CrossFit Trainer

Budget and due dates

We are asking for 2622 euros for:

2 weightlifting bars 20 Kg            325 €

4 Kettlebells 16 Kg                           165 €

3 medballs 6 Kg                                  145 €

3 medballs 9 Kg                               160 €

6 plyometric boxes                             530 €

1 indoor rower                                      845 €

2 flat benches                                         240 €

1 pair of wood rings                               60 €

Sub Total                                                  2.470€

Comission PPL (5%+IVA)                    152€  

Total                                                             2622 €