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Raising funds

A revolutionary way to get finance to your project!

We are looking for artist, scientists, musicians and entrepreneurs who have bright ideas that can inspire other people to support their project. Therefore, if you have an idea that can capture user's imagination, we want to know you! You don't have to be the next Jamiroquai or Saramago. Any cool idea, small or big, can become a reality through PPL and crowdfunding!

Great ideasInspiring ideas. Did you ever had that great idea but no funds to implement it? Whatever your skills are, PPL can help you raise the funds to make that idea reality.

PPL is an extraordinary way to support extraordinary people in their hard task of fund raising. The concept is simple: gather a crowd around a common interest (your project) and pool their small contributions together to finance the whole project. The innovative PPL platform can make you dream come true!

Who will back my project?

Social networksDepends how thrilling your project is, how much effort you put promoting it and how inspiring you are so that people considering backing it up. The first funders' circle are your friends, family and colleagues mas will rapidily spread to unknown people that share the same interest and believe in you and your idea... and look for you original rewards.

Read our guide to a good pitch to get tips on how to reach your goal.

What does PPL win with all this?

One of our values is transparency. We follow a "all or nothing" model. If you get your targeted amount (or more) within the deadline, you get financed and the platform earns a 5% success fee (+VAT). Otherwise, all the money will be returned to the supporters, no strings attached. Registration is free, both for supporters and the project owner.

Frequently asked questions

We hope crowdfunding and PPL is more clear by now. Feel free to check our frequently asked questions (and answers) to know more. You can also contact us for any inquire, chat or help with your application.