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Purchase of low-cost wheelchairs to play Wheelchair Basketball

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We need your support to buy 10 specific wheelchairs to play Wheelchair Basketball. Basket Clube de Gaia wants to give young people with motor disabilities the opportunity to enjoy this sport! Thank you very much!

Basket Clube de Gaia wants to offer young people with motor disabilities the possibility of playing Wheelchair Basketball. For this purpose, specific wheelchairs adapted to competition are required and unfortunately the price is not within our reach. At the moment, we have three future stars – Vítor, João and Ruben – (see the pictures below), who sit on borrowed chairs and are eager to share their passion for basketball with new teammates. The facilities (Grijó Municipal Pavilion) are kindly provided by the Parish Council of Grijó and Sermonde, who expressed the desire to disseminate the project to other bodies of political power and opening for events that allow fundraising.

The goal is to purchase 10 low-cost wheelchairs from an English brand called Motivation, a non-profit company that develops mobility solutions for people with disabilities in developing countries, including daily use and sports wheelchairs, both at an accessible price. Motivation’s chair designed for the practice of Wheelchair Basketball has a base price of 727 euros, a much lower value than usual, which ranges from 3000 to 6000 euros. In addition, it is available in 4 seat widths and the backrest and footrest height are adjustable, making it ideal for children and young people. We understand sport as a right, since it comprises physical, psychological and social benefits, besides contemplating a competitive aspect, and everyone should be able to enjoy their practice, whether or not they have a disability.

At the moment, Basket Club de Gaia is the only team in “Grande Porto” region with the doors open to Wheelchair Basketball and also a pioneer at youth level.

In the National Championship, 7 teams compete, from Braga, Paredes, Lisboa, Cascais, Sintra, Leiria and Madeira.

In the medium term, we aim to participate in competitions and friendly tournaments with other training teams, necessarily Spanish or from another country, since in Portugal Basket Clube de Gaia is the only youth team. Afterward, we will seek the parallel constitution of a senior team to compete in the official national competitions. We express our deep gratitude to you for supporting our cause.

About the author

Basket Clube de Gaia

Basket Clube de Gaia Association (BCG) was founded in December 2011. It is the result of a former player’s dream who, on his own initiative, decided to create this non-profit Sports Association, giving this way the opportunity to all children and young people to learn to play basketball, involving the community. Currently the club has about 60 athletes, both male and female, being the Under 13 team the most developed.

Rui Dias, President and Founder

Graduated in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, in the University of Aveiro. Basketball player for 25 years, since 11 years old. Founder and President of Basket Clube de Gaia from December 2011 to the present.

Pedro Bártolo, Coach

Professional Wheelchair Basketball player, a member of the Portuguese National Team since 2009, with 8 years of competitive experience, 3 of which in the Spanish main league; participated in 2 European Championships. Degree in Journalism, Master in Adapted Physical Activity, in the University of Porto. Responsible for the Wheelchair Basketball news coverage for the Portuguese Basketball Federation (FPB) since 2015. Consultant and Collaborator of the Oporto City Council’s Disability Ombudsman's Office.

Budget and due dates

Our order will be 10 adjustable wheelchairs specific for Wheelchair Basketball, from Motivation, a British non-profit organization.
Given that the company grants discounts to orders of 10 or more wheelchairs, the values are as follows:

5903,36 (590,336 cada) + 6% IVA (354,20) = 6257,56

+ PPL share, which is equivalent to 5% of the amount required and is taxed at 23% VAT

PPL share = 6257,56 x 0,05 = 312,88 // 312,88 x 0,23 = 71,96 // 312,88 + 71,96 = 384,84 €

TOTAL INVESTMENT REQUIRED: 6257,56 + 384,84 = 6642,40 €

We believe it is necessary to ask for a minimum of 6700 euros to ensure any fluctuation in the price of transport or even the wheelchairs themselves, ensuring that if the value of the donations exceeds 6700 will be employed in:

- 4 Motivation spare wheels (2 size 24 and 2 size 26) - unit price 41.25 pounds - € 48.69 today

- 10 Motivation belts, necessary for the players to tie themselves to the chairs and have more stability - unit price 3 pounds - € 3.54 today

- Tool case for repair and maintenance of the wheelchairs

- Air compressor

- 10 Basket balls

- Team jerseys and clothing

- Expenses associated with the participation in tournaments

Considering the availability of several seat widths on Motivation chairs, we will request 4 junior and 6 adult sizes (1 small, 3 medium and 2 large) in our order.

We attach the catalog of the chairs, both junior and adult sizes. We will be very grateful for your support!



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