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Darte Mais: Art for 85 children from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds

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The Darte Project integrates 85 children from socio-economic disadvantaged backgrounds. It is a psycho-educational project with objectives of intervention through art in the development of self-esteem and emotional and social skills.

Since 2008 the Rehabilitation department in the Community has been set up, where we work with children in the context of learning difficulties, disabilities, or other problems that may inhibit the normal development of the child. With the Darte project  we intend to reach many more children, especially those from disadvantaged social contexts. We believe that this methodology can transform ways of thinking, being and being and that is why it can change many lives for the better!

With the amount raised in this campaign, we will be able to finance: 5 Groups from disadvantaged socioeconomic contexts (each Darte Group has up to 16 children to participate in sessions weekly of 1h30 for 6 months.

About the author

The Community Rehabilitation Team has 6 technicians: two social workers, two psychomotrists, a 1st cycle teacher and a licensed psychology technician. Everyone has the desire to transform something in the lives of these children they work with: Match the opportunities.

-Márcia Canha- psychomotricist (nº340 - APP), clinical neuropsychologist (no. 5708 - INPN.Actually she has been elected secretary of the Parish Council of Agualva (from 2013), regional representative of Psiclínica, being responsible for the training of Psychologists for Evaluation Psychology of Conductors, psychomotor and neuropsychological intervention with children and the elderly (as of September 2011), psychomotricist at the Clinic of Development and Mental Health of Terceira Island, Lda. Held a seminar in the DARTE Project and coordinator of the Community Rehabilitation Service in the Association Praiense Theater Hall.

- Catarina Nogueira - Social Work Technique (since 2010) with post-graduation in Education and Psychosocial Intervention in Risk Contexts (since 2012). He is currently a Technical Rehabilitation Service in the Community since 2010, performing as main functions the individual, family and community intervention and is a member of the restricted committee of CPCJ of Praia da Vitória.

- Catarina Rocha - Social Work Technician (since 2009) with postgraduate special educational needs (since 2015) (17 values). He completed his professional internship at Praia Municipal in Motion, at the Ação Social Office. She has been working in the Community Rehabilitation Service since 2010, performing the work of Support Teacher.

- Elisabete Alves - Elementary School teacher (since 2008), has worked in the Community Rehabilitation Service since 2010. She has developed several projects, such as support teacher in the schools of the county.

- Mónica Costa - Licentiate in Psychological Sciences, Counseling and Psychotherapies (since 2010). Since 2014 it is technical in this service, through the occupational program Recuperar.

-Simone Oliveira- Graduated in Psychomotricity (2014). He currently works as a psychomotrist in the Rehabilitation department in the community, being responsible for the pre-school area.

Budget and due dates

The 1500€ that we need to raise will be used as follows: 1500€ Fund 5 Groups Give up to 16 children (300€ for each group, which finance: acquisition of plastic arts, purchase of consumables, 85 snacks per week.